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Water Baths ( Universal )

"VS 302" Series are rectangular shaped water baths, supplied with lid and concentric rings. It has stainless steel contact surfaces with Double wall construction and glass wool insulation . PID microcontroller for accurate temperature control.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range :   Ambient to 95°C. Accuracy: ± 0.5°C

Models Standard (s) or GMP (G)

Models Wattage
Internal dim.
H.W.D (cm)
on Lid
VS 302 B1000 W30 x 25 x 13Dia. 7.5 cm. x 4 nos.
Dia. 12.5 cm. x 1 nos.
VS 302 B1000 W38 x 25 x 13Dia. 7.5 cm. x 6 nos.
VS 302 C1500 W40 x 30 x 13Dia. 7.5 cm. x 12 nos.
laboratory water bath

Tune your Thermostatic equipment when there is
a considerable change
in working load or set temperature.
It increases efficiency
and saves power.

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