why us

1990 through to date, the dynamics of thermostatics governed equipment have undergone a sea change. We have pioneered many of them. Today these equipments have digital micro controllers with advanced control logic and the dynamics of these machines are very efficient as compared to yester years.

100% in-house production:

  • Dedicated sheet metal engineering facility
  • Dedicated electrical assembly and powder coating plant
  • Reduced lead time
  • Reduced cost hence economically priced


  • Umbergaon- Gujarat, one of the most enviable Industrial states in India
  • Manufacturing facility: 25,000 sq. ft of land with a Built-up area: 14,000 sq. ft
  • Situated in the center of a dense industrial circle, Silvassa, Daman and Vapi and near Mumbai
  • The company has rich resources and uses it wisely to provide you prompt and quality service


  • Expertise in Customized industrial Ovens
  • 2 decade of experience in sheet metal and structural engineering

Support center:

  • Before sales or after sales: we are there to support you
  • From choosing which machine suits your process the best to how to get the best out of it
  • You may count on us

The biggest strength of the company is its committed work force. Since its inception the company has built a repute for quality work.
We value you and is our prime motive to provide quality product that surpass your expectation

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Tune your Thermostatic equipment when there is
a considerable change
in working load or set temperature.
It increases efficiency
and saves power.

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