• What is the method of temper control ?
    Temperature is controlled by means of a micro controller, running a PID algorithm. The controller accurately controls temperature as it auto tunes the system and sets three parameters P, I and D to almost eliminate considerable over shoot and under shoot of temperature and maintain an equilibrium.
  • What is a PID algorithm ?
    Proportional band, Integral time and Derivative time. These are the three values that the algorithm calculates depending on the feed back received from the temperature sensor. The controller then varies the power output depending on the summation of these three values.
  • What are the parameters that decide the PID values or output power ?
    PID values, and there by the output power, depends on rate of change of temperature and the load in the working chamber.
  • What are the safety features available ?
    Temperature overshoot protection: It cuts off power supply to heater when temperature overshoots. It is a fluid thermostat and is mechanically controlled so is isolated from any electrical fluctuations.
    Low water level alarm : cuts off power supply to the humidifier and activates an alarm
    Overload protection and time delay for Compressor : it assures compressor safety.
  • What is the heating element used ?
    Heating element is selected according to the use :

    Natural convection & Forced air draft : Kanthal A1 or
    NiChrome wire.
    Air recirculation : Tubular air heater.
  • Is the material used corrosion resistant ?
    For high corrosive environment or samples high grade Stainless Steel is used ( SS316 or SS304 as required ).

    Heat and corrosion resistant silicon aluminium paint is used when inside chamber is made of Mild Steel.
  • What is the insulation material used ?
    Insulation material is chosen according to the temperature range.
    Glass wool, Cera-Wool or Poly Urethane Foam ( PUF ) is used and the wall thickness of the insulation is also designed according to the temperature range.
  • What is the refrigerant used? Is it CFC free ?
    R134a Refrigerant is used. It is CFC free and therefore does not react or harm the ozone layer.
  • What are the air circulation options available ?
    Natural convection, Forced air draft and Forced air re-circulation.
  • What should be the Major Considerations while buying ovens ?
    Process Temperature
    Type of air flow
    Ventilation and Insulation Systems

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Tune your Thermostatic equipment when there is
a considerable change
in working load or set temperature.
It increases efficiency
and saves power.

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