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Heavy Duty Oven ( Forced Air circulation )

Model "VS123" series are Industrial cum Laboratory oven with Forced air circulation. It incorporates a heating system with motorised blower unit at top side of oven. The blower above the top baffle wall enables re-circulation of air in working chamber.
The blower sucks air from working chamber and blows through the heater zone, enabling hot air re-circulation, creating uniform temperature through out the chamber. The excess hot air with fumes and moisture flows out through an adjustable ventilation. Forced air re circulation system gives better temperature uniformity in the chamber. Used for pre heating, drying, sterilizing, baking, aging etc.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range :  5°C above ambient to 250°C
Temp. Accuracy : ± 0.5°C
Temp Uniformity : ± 1°C
Heating control : Auto tuned temperature microcontroller
 with PID algorithm.
Safety Thermostat : Stand by Thermostat cuts off heater if
  temperature over-shoots
Heating Element : Tubular air heater platform made fit on
  either sides of working chamber
Air Flow :  Forced air re-circulation by means of
 motorised blower
Motor :  1/12 HP, TEFC, F - Class insulation.


 Interior :  Made of mild steel with heat resistant
 aluminium paint or Stainless steel with
 mirror polish.
 Exterior : Made of thick gauge mild steel sheet,
 finished with epoxy powder coating.
 Insulation : Fibre glass wool

Models Standard (s) or GMP (G)

 Models  Wattage (KW) Internal dim. H.W.D (cm) External dim. H.W.D (cm) Shelves No.s
VS 123 A6.090 x 60 x 60173 x 110 x 925

Tune your Thermostatic equipment when there is
a considerable change
in working load or set temperature.
It increases efficiency
and saves power.

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