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bod incubator

"VS521" Series are BOD incubators designed to suit various tests and storage needs in laboratories at temperatures below ambient. Used for Biological Oxygen Demand tests, Storage of sensitive cultures, vaccines, culture of bacteria, microorganism, Serum incubation, seed germination etc. It works on CFC free refrigerant and hermetically sealed compressor. Auto tuneable microcontroller with PID logic gives accurate heating and cooling conditions inside the chamber. It has a clear view glass inner door. Motorised blower develops air re-circulation system which ensures uniform temperature inside the chamber. Poly-Urethane is used for efficient insulation.

Technical Specifications

Standard Mode :  Interior SS 304 with mirror polish.
 Exterior MS With epoxy coating.
GMP Model :  Interior SS 316 with mirror polish.
 Exterior SS 304 with matt finish.
Temp. Range / Accuracy :  20°C to 60°C / ± 0.2°C
Temp. Uniformity :  ± 2°C
Temp. Control :  Auto tuned temperature microcontroller
 with PID algorithm.
Heating :  "U" shaped SS tubular air heater.
Refrigerant :  R134a; CFC free refrigerant.
Air Flow :  Forced air re-circulaton by means of
 motorised blower
Motor :  1/12 HP, TEFC, F - Class insulation.
Insulation :  PUF (Poly Urethane Foam)
Safety Features :  Stand by Thermostat cuts off heater if
 temperature over-shoots.
 Low water alarm for humidifier.
 Time delay for compressor safety.

Models Standard (s) or GMP (G)

   Models    Capacity Litres Internal dim H.W.D (cm) External dim H.W.D (cm) Shelves No.s
VS 521 S/G10050 x 50 x 40142 x 66 x 722
VS 522 S/G17070 x 60 x 40162 x 76 x 723
VS 523 S/G22575 x 60 x 50167 x 76 x 823
VS 524 S/G32590 x 60 x 60182 x 76 x 874
bod incubator

Tune your Thermostatic equipment when there is
a considerable change
in working load or set temperature.
It increases efficiency
and saves power.

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